You Want More Tickets? We Have More Tickets

National Concert Week 2024 (May 8-May 14)

After a week of you beating the 97 Rock Ticket pinata into submission, we’ve finally said no más. But that doesn’t mean we’re out of tickets, we’re just reloading. Wednesday (5/8) is the start of National Concert Week with Live Nation. They have $25 all-in tickets to some of your favorite classic rock and comedy shows coming to Western New York this summer.

You’ll have a chance to win free tickets to ZZ Top and Lynyrd Skynrd, Bush, The Outlaw Music Festival, Tom Segura and Dane Cook during the Shredd and Ragan show, the College of 97 Rock Knowledge, and the Live Tune @ 2! Go to to check out the 900 plus shows going on sale for 25 bucks. It’s National Concert Week with the Shredd and Ragan show and 97 rock!

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