The Miraculous Benefits of Video Games

Jeshoots Unsplash

According to scientist’s recent studies, video games have been proven to have numerous benefits that include helping dyslexic children, keeping you healthy, improving surgical technique, and make you more aware of your surroundings.  

These studies have shown that playing an action video game for children with dyslexia provides the same benefits as a year’s worth of reading development.  

Another study was performed at a senior center in Florida where the elderly played the WII bowling game and showed a 40% boost in heart rate. As a result, this led to improved processing speed, memory, reflexes, attention skills, and spatial abilities.  

In terms of improving surgical technique, studies showed that surgeons who played a variety of video games for just six minutes before performing a virtual surgery tended to score higher than those who did not play anything prior to performing the simulated surgery. The conclusion in this study was that video games help surgeons make fewer mistakes. 

A final study was focused on a person’s ability to multitask and resulted in the conclusion that video games improve one’s ability to make quick and correct decisions in stressful situations. So the next time the Mrs. tells you to stop playing, just tell her it’s good for your health 😉

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