Ozzy Osbourne’s Last Four Years of “Sheer Hell”

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Ozzy Osbourne recently addressed his health issues in several interviews. When opening up about his health he said, “The last four years have been sheer hell for me. I’ve been in such a bad…. health-wise. Plus, I got Parkinson’s diagnosis. But I’m…. you know, [it] takes a lot to hold me down.” 

 Ozzy further discussed his health in more detail for a separate interview discussing his inability to perform after a neck surgery he had a year before the begin of lockdown. Ozzy stated, “At the time I was thinking, ‘Nobody could work, so at least I’m not on my own.’ I couldn’t work, neither could no one else. So, I thought, ‘I’ll recuperate pre-tour, I’ll be okay.’ But I’m still fucking suffering now. Not as badly as I was by any means. But I got this thing where they put these leg things on you, bionics, and you do a few exercises and it corrects your walking. Because the problem I was having is balance along with stability. When they cut my neck, they cut the nerves. This bionic thing that they do reprograms your brain so you can walk better…. It’s fucking scientific now. There was a point where I thought, ‘I suppose this is it.’ And I’d just kind of get up in the morning and doing nothing so I had nothing to get up in the morning [for] and do in the day. But now I’m working out with these new apparatuses, proving to be okay and I’m dying to get back on the stage.”  

Ozzy recently received four Grammy nominations for his most recent album “Patient Number 9” in November. The album is up for nominations in the categories Best Rock Performance, Best Metal Performance, Best Rock Song, and Best Rock Album.

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