Hear Queen’s Previously Unreleased ‘Face It Alone’

Queen’s Face It Alone Lyric Video from Official Queen on Youtube

Over the summer we learned of a new Queen Song that was unearthed by Brian May and Roger Taylor. Today, Queen offically released “Face It Alone”, a previously unreleased track from the 1988 sessions for their 13th album, 1989’s The Miracle.

The low to mid-tempo song seems to capture what Freddie Mercury was feeling at the time having been diagnosed with Aids as he insists he will Face It Alone. The song is both haunting and moving. Roger Taylor describes it as “a little gem from Freddie that we’d kind of forgotten about,” and Brian May added, “It’s beautiful, it’s touching.”

Queen Face it Alone from Queen’s Facebook Page

This is the first new song featuring Freddie Mercury in over eight years, and it will be included on next month’s release of The Miracle Collector’s Edition box set which drops on November 18.

The eight-disc set (five CDs, one vinyl, one DVD and one Blu-ray) includes an hour-plus disc of other previously unreleased recordings, demos and rough takes, and six unpublished songs and spoken exchanges on the studio floor in London and Montreux, Switzerland.

“Dog With a Bone,” “I Guess We’re Falling Out,” and “You Know You Belong to Me,” are the other unreleased Queen songs.

“We had all these bits and pieces of tracks, and some of them were half-finished, some of them were just an idea, and some of them were nearly finished, and it sort of happened on its own really,” May said. “There are some tracks which you always want to get out and work on, and so they get finished, and there are some tracks which you think, ‘Oh that’s great, but I don’t really know what to do with it at this moment,’ so they naturally get left by the wayside.”

The last Queen song with Freddy Mercury was released eight years ago on the 2014 Queen Forever compilation that featured a duet with Michael Jackson on the song “There Must Be More to Life Than This”.

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