See Metallica in Vegas, Baby

97 Rock is kicking off the new year with a trip to Vegas to see Metallica Live. Starting Monday (1/10) we kick off Metallica Mania. Listen to 97 Rock at 8:40, 11:40, 2:40 and 4:40 for the Metallica Keyword of the day.

Text the national keyword each day for a chance to win everything from a Metallica autographed guitar, a Black Album box set to a platinum Metallica record in your name. We are drippin’ with cool Metallica swag with a different qualifying prize each day.

Everyone who wins a qualifying prize is a finalist to go to Las Vegas to see Metallica in concert at the Raiders Allegiant Stadium. Here’s what you can win each day:

Day 1: Metallica Album box set and Blacklist vinyl
Day 2: S&M vinyl and S&M 2 custom violin
Day 3: Metallica Black Album Varsity tour jacket
Day 4: Autographed Metallica Fillmore Poster from 2008 from Metallica’s 4 night stand there
Day 5: Metallica Album box set and Blacklist vinyl
Day 6: Autographed Hardwire Vinyl and a vinyl catalog pack of all their studio albums, and live albums S&M 1 and 2
Day 7: Metallica Album box set and Blacklist vinyl
Day 8: Autographed Metallica guitar
Day 9: Platinum Metallica record in your name

Grand prize is a 3 day stay in Vegas, hotel and tickets to the Metallica show at Allegiant Stadium on February 25. You will attend a Blackened Whiskey Party at the stadium before the show. The grand prize winner will be drawn on January 21.

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