Shane Brother Shane dies. 97 Rock Classic Jocks remember

Buffalo radio legend “Shane” Gibson has died of a heart attack.  Gibson was known as the “Cosmic Cowboy” and “Shane Brother Shane,” and had a big influence on the 97 Rock Classic Jocks, some of whom share their Shane memories below.


Some said he was a legend in his own rebel mind. 🙂

He had the resume, and certainly the talent to back it up. To me and so many more, he was a so much bigger legend to those of us who grew up listening to him, and to those who had the privilege of knowing him.

I got to check both boxes. I grew up listening to him, and I was fortunate to be able to call him my friend. He called me “little brother.”

Shane “Brother Shane” say those words to anyone who grew up on Buffalo radio and you can hear that big voice, coming from that bigger than life personality.  My “big brother” Ron Gibson, Shane to his listeners,  passed away a few days ago.

When I got the sad news, I was hit with a flood of memories, like listening to that one of a kind voice welcoming listeners to his show. “Hey there big town. It’s Shane Showtime.”  He was the embodiment of a radio STAR. Shane’s personality drew you in. You didn’t dare turn the dial for fear you might be missing something only Shane would do on the radio!

I once told him he was one of those “stars” I’d listen to as a teenager. I knew I didn’t have the bigger than life personality like his , but his “warmness” to those listening to him, in the city he loved, was all the encouragement I needed to pursue a career doing what he did in such a unique way.

This is taken from the last email we shared around Christmas time. “You’ve made me proud little brother, keep doing what you do, keep ‘em smiling, happy, and informed with your knowledge of the music you play. I’m still hoping we get a chance to share a mic someday. Much love, your big brother.”

Who knows, maybe someday we will in that big studio in the sky. What I DO KNOW, is when he arrived to the great beyond and announced his presence with that incredible voice, everyone “up there” took notice.

Thank you, Shane for the encouragement, the memories, the friendship.

Much love, your “little brother.”



Working with Shane at the old 464 Franklin building was always a treat. Shane was 1 of a kind and marched to his own drummer. I remember back in 1983 when we were taking karate but at different studios and one day I suggested that we “spar” in the ring. He told me that his personal style won’t fight in such a way that presents his body to be hit. Next day he came in hiding a BIG black eye !

The day after that BOTH of his eyes were BIG OLD SHINERS ! So I told him, he was doing Great job at not presenting his body to be hit, but he oughta protect his Face ! We were brothers of the airwaves, I believed in him and he believed in me. I’ll always love my brother.



Growing up in Western New York, there was no one cooler than Shane. He was the DJ whose personality was bigger than he was. When Shane came to your high school it was a huge deal. He will be missed.  He was a true Western New York legend.



I just remember hearing Shane Brother Shane on the radio while I was a passenger in the back seat of my parents Dodge Aspen Station wagon! He had to coolest voice!

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