AUDIO/VIDEO: FAT TUESDAY on Morning Bull; & Bull Wants An Exemption From Lent 2021!

Being that it is Fat Tuesday, the day before Ash Wednesday for Lent, we wanted to celebrate ‘fat’ so to speak with comedy drops and sound from our favorite fat and food comics as well as a fun game we wrangled up! We call it ‘Fat Atcha’, a play off of our ‘Back At Ya’ game that required us, today, to name the fattiest foods we know…it was a lot of fun and got crazy with your texts!


Bull and Chris went through some of their thoughts on Lent and what it entails; giving up something important to us that can better ourselves! It was an interesting discussion and we took plenty of texts and submissions from you regarding what you’re attempting to give up this season of Lent.



ONLY AVAILABLE on the Morning Bull Podcast!

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