AUDIO/VIDEO: Morning Bull Celebrates Valentine’s Day Weekend!

Its Valentines Day weekend so this Friday’s Morning Bull was full of love, heart and passion—but when arent we?! It was extra today; we had some really fun topics surrounding the ever-complicated subject of love and 5 words to describe it for you; we discussed what makes a sexy voice sexy and also revealed Robs ‘love’ playlist…which we think is a little girly and efeminite. What do you think? Jeff Miers from the Buffalo News stopped on to tell us about a cool new music event happening virtually for Buffalo-based bands!


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We discussed the topic of sexy voices and what makes a voice sexy, to a male or female? Obviously we had some ideas but solicited your help to get your opinions and tastes. Some of the great voices mentioned included accents, dialects and, go figure…James Earl Jones…who we determined wasnt sexy. Check out all of the submissions and thoughts right here!

Are there five words to describe your love life? We helped get the ball rolling and then your submissions took us off! We wanted to know what 5 word phrase would describe your love life no matter how embarassing it is—and it was an absolutely hilarious bit made possible by your humility and texts such as ‘Why are you home early’?!

Rob has been notably famous on this show for his choice of music; particularly cheesy, romantic, feminine music that he has on his phone ipod. Its funny because we always rip on him but this time, it was your TURN! We took texts on your opinions of his music as he played them off of his phone. Its really worth a listen, for as long as you can take it!





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