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Vic Carucci from the Buffalo News, also known as ‘the Commish’, has nearly 40 years of covering NFL under his belt and he joins us every week for the Vic Carucci Show on Fridays (or before a game)!



For this first week, he talked the fanless games for the Bills in the near future, the Chiefs/Texans outcome lastnight and how he thinks that game reflects the Bills and what they can do this year.




Joining us for his weekly Friday hit, Vic Carucci of the Buffalo News talked the days fun topics to kick off the interview; then we talked TNF outcome, his thoughts on the likelihood of the Bills allowing fans in the stadium and obviously a solid preview of the injuries and matchups heading into Sundays game (with limited fans) in Miami on Sunday vs the Dolphins!




Our weekly seg with Vic Carucci took place, talking all things Bills including their victory in Miami this past Sunday and started prepping us for this weeks matchup at home versus the LA Rams. It’ll be a tough one but he gave us some thoughts on what they’re doing well and what they need to improve on; from Allen to Diggs, to the defense, we covered it all with him.




We had our weekly segment with Buffalo News Bills reporter Vic Carucci on ‘his show’ that takes place every Friday! In todays edition we touched on last nights pathetic TNF game between the Jets and the Broncos, the Titans testing positive for COVID and obviously, the Bills preparing the take on the Raiders in Vegas this Sunday.



WEEK 5 :

Vic stopped by this week, to talk about the drama taking place in the NFL surrounding all of the COVID positive tests showing up, especially with the Bills next opponent the Tennessee Titans. He gave us his thoughts on how this could possibly dominate the storylines in the NFL for the foreseeable future and potentially getting worse with a ‘domino effect’. He also talked alittle bit about the injuries the Bills have had and how the “extra rest” created from this, may be beneficial for the team.




Vic Carucci of the Buffalo News joined us for his weekly Friday segment to help us make sense of what we saw in the loss on Tuesday in Tennessee to the Titans. He also gave us plenty of time and analysis on the upcoming Monday night brawl versus the KC Chiefs right here in Buffalo; and how he thinks the team can or will bounce back.




Vic Carucci joined us as he does every Friday to talk Bills previous week game and adjustments as well as help us get ready for the upcoming matchup; this week—the Jets…if you consider them a ‘team’ at this point. Vic also analyzed how the Bills need to adjust as they move forward into week 7 in order to not let the 2 game losing skid continue. He mentioned what they can do better and how; and he even gave us some ideas on how the offense can step up more too.




Vic Carucci called for his weekly Friday appearance on the show with us to talk Bills beating the Jets last Sunday, but more importantly, what to expect this Sunday as the Patriots come to town! How confident is he that the Bills can secure a win and build their division lead even more; is it possible this game could be closer than we think; how can McDerm prepare the team with all of the injuries? Vic answered all of these concerns and more with us.




Vic Carucci stopped in for his weekly Bills football segment to discuss ALL of the latest regarding the team, its recent games and upcoming matchup! Vic broke down what he saw in the Bills big divisional win here at home over the Pats this past Sunday and some of the injuries and player updates from the week. He also had a chance to get into this weeks big-time showdown at Bills Stadium when the 6-1 Seahawks come to town to offensively combat the Bills! How does he see this game going and what needs to happen for a Bills win? He got into all of it with us as he does every Friday.



WEEK 10:

Vic Carucci joined us for his weekly show to talk the previous weeks big win over the Seahawks at home! We obviously also got into the road matchup they’re traveling to in Arizona as they take on the Cardinals this Sunday afternoon. Vic helped us make sense of the progress we’ve seen on both sides of the ball, from Josh Allen and the efforts made by our community here in Buffalo to donate to Oshei in honor of Josh’s grandmothers passing.



WEEK 11:

Vic Carucci from the Buffalo News called in. While he usually is on Fridays, we talked to him on ‘our technical Friday’ since we’re off the rest of the week. Vic talked about how the Bills will have to adjust out of the bye week and a heartbreaking last-second loss to the Cardinals 2 weeks ago, as well as how he celebrates Thanksgiving! He always has a lot of fun and makes us laugh and we appreciate his time every week—as do our Bills fan listeners!



WEEK 13:

Vic Carucci has covered the Bills and the NFL for decades and he now joins us every Friday to talk Bills news, injuries and game previews and recaps from the past and upcoming weeks! Vic touched on how he thinks the league will keep handling the COVID situations and if the season could be in jeopardy. He also previewed the game this MNF in which the Bills face-off against the 49ers in Arizona, yes because of COVID.



WEEK 14:

Vic Carucci of the Buffalo News joined us as he does every Friday, to talk Bills-Steelers this Sunday night on NBC’s SNF! He broke down how he thought everything went last week for the Bills versus the 49ers and his analysis of Josh Allens progression thus far. Vic gave us an idea of how he thinks this big matchup will go, especially the spotlight being on Big Ben vs. Josh Allen!



WEEK 15: 

As he does every Friday pre-Bills game, Vic Carucci from the Buffalo News called us up to discuss Bills at Broncos tomorrow, Saturday afternoon at 430p! He broke down the injury report, told us what he thinks about Denver and their ability to put up a fight and, obviously, talked about the outlook for the team as they head into the new year and closer to the playoffs.




Our usual visit EVERY Friday with Buffalo News’ own Vic Carruci, the ‘Commish’ of football here in Buffalo! Covering the Bills, Vic told us everything he thought about the team as they wrap up the regular season and head into tomorrow’s AFC Wild Card matchup versus the Colts. He also touched on some of the things he expects to see tomorrow in the game and what the Bills need to do to ensure a win here at home, for the first time in 25 years!




From the Buffalo News, Vic Carucci joined us as he prepares heavily for the Bills game tomorrow night and he was loaded with matchup and player breakdowns for the biggest game the Bills have been in since 1996! He joins us every Friday before a Bills game and he always gets us the best and most accurate analysis heading into the weekend.



Vic Carucci from the Buffalo News joins us every Friday before a Bills game to get us pumped, ready and knowledgeable on the team and their opponents heading into Sunday. This Sunday is obviously the AFC Championship game and Vic broke down the matchups between your Buffalo Bills and the host Kansas City Chiefs! He also had some fun with us and told us how excited he is for the game.

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