AUDIO: The Jim Kelly Show on Morning Bull – 2020 Season!

The Jim Kelly Show: 2020 SEASON!

Every week, Thursday’s at 8:15a the HOF QB joins us.

WEEK 1_ 9-10-20:

JKS debuted today on the show and we had A LOT of fun with him, asking him questions about some of our topics like his childhood and growing up with TV Dinners, to the effects the crowd had on HIM when he played, in relation to NO FANS this weekend and the near future for the Bills. He also previewed the game this weekend with us and gave us some takes on the 2020 Buffalo Bills.


WEEK 2_ 9-17-20:

Today was Week 2 of the Jim Kelly Show on Morning Bull! He joins us every Thursday before the Bills game for the week; and this week he helped us prepare for Bills at Miami on Sunday. We also had chance to ask him about a recent topic that came up regarding ‘Josh Jaqs’ cereal and obviously HIS OWN cereal from his post-career called ‘Kelly Krunch’!


WEEK 3_9-24-20:

During our Make A Wish Radiothon, we had our weekly segment with Bills HOF QB Jim Kelly! He talked about his generous gift to the radiothon and helped us preview the Rams coming up!


WEEK 4_10-1-20:

Our weekly segment with Jim Kelly took place and we talked about a bunch of things from the opening day of bow hunting season which was today; to the Bills big comeback win at home versus the Rams this past Sunday; to Josh Allens ability in big moments late in games and a lot more!


WEEK 5_10-8-20:

Jim Kelly stopped by for his weekly show with us on Morning Bull in preparation for Week 5’s matchup versus the COVID-ridden Tennessee Titans, who just yesterday, had a few test positive again! We’re not sure what will transpire moving forward with the game if the Titans cannot field their team on Sunday, but we talked about it alittle bit with Jim. Also with Jim, being a very close friend of Eddie Van Halen, we had some time to talk about their friendship throughout the years, especially in the Bills’ hayday in the 90’s. He shared some really cool memories with us about being backstage and meeting Eddie originally, as well as some crazy stories about the things they talked about and did together when they saw eachother.



WEEK 6_10-15-20:

Jim Kelly Made his weekly appearance to talk the Bills loss to the Titans in Tennessee. He had some encouraging words about the game and how they Bills can bounce back quickly. He also helped us preview the Chiefs coming to Buffalo on Monday afternoon/evening!


WEEK 7_10-22-20:

Bills HOF QB Jim Kelly joined us for his weekly Thursday appearance to discuss last weeks Bills loss to the Chiefs, as well as preview the Bills seemingly walk-in-the-park-game coming up versus the Jets. He told us what he thinks the team needs to do on both sides of the ball to adjust to the better teams heading their way and just in general as they build cohesion.


WEEK 8_10-29-20:

Our weekly visit with the Buffalo Bills HOF QB Jim Kelly took place as it does every Thursday morning and we had plenty to talk about with him. This included the latest Bills win in NJ versus the Jets this past Sunday as well as their upcoming home matchup taking on the New England Patriots. He broke down what hes been seeing and how he thinks the team will fare moving into the second half of the season and a bit tougher schedule.


WEEK 9_11-5-20:

Our weekly visit with Bills HOFer Jim Kelly commenced as it does every Thursday and he had a lot to weigh in on including the recent Bills win over the Pats. He also helped us prep for this Sundays big matchup here in Orchard Park for the Bills versus the 6-1 Seahawks. We talked a little bit about the injuries and how he thinks the Bills are looking; and he even had some fun with a few questions we had about his playing days AND his name.


WEEK 10:

Bills HOF QB Jim Kelly gave us a ring in his usual spot later in the show to dish on the Bills big win Sunday over the Seahawks! He also talked about the copper-fit brace from Brett Favre that Rob has, a virtual benefit hes having tonight for Hunters Hope and then previewed the Bills game coming up this Sunday versus the Cardinals in Arizona!


WEEK 11:

HOFer and good friend of the show, legendary former Bills quarterback Jim Kelly called in to keep his regular Thursday appointment with us, regardless of the fact the Bills are riding a last-second loss to the Cardinals into their bye week this Sunday. Bull asked him what his most heartbreaking loss was to coincide with what the Bills had to recently go thru. He talked about what he thought went wrong and how the team can adjust as they enjoy their week off and reset.


WEEK 12:

Bills HOF quarterback and friend of the show and 97 Rock, Jim Kelly called in pre-Thanksgiving as he usually joins us on Thursdays, this time to talk alittle holiday themed food and of course, the Bills! He told us what he think is gonna have to take place in order for the Bills to get back on track after the loss before the bye week. We also thank Jim for all of his time and the times that he joins us during the season!


WEEK 13:

Jim Kelly, Buffalo Bills HOF QB called for his weekly appointment listening with us to talk the Bills victory this past weekend in LA over the Chargers. He told us what he thought about the 2nd HAIL MARY IN A ROW the Bills gave up and then started talking this Mondays matchup in Arizona, for the Bills versus the 49ers.


WEEK 14:

Jim Kelly joined us as he does every Thursday before the coming weeks Bills matchup; this weeks game features the Bills hosting Jim’s birthplace team, the Pittsburgh Steelers! He talked about his childhood growing up and who he looked up to as well as his thoughts about Josh Allens progression and how he handled being a pro!

WEEK 15:

Jim Kelly joins the show to talk football and Bills with us every week on Thursdays and today was no exception! He stopped in after dusting the snow off of his car at his cabin, where a friend of his had to remind him during that, to call in to his show! We talked with him about the Bills schedule remaining, as well as Josh Allen and his progress, including breaking one of Jims records the other day.

WEEK 16:

Our buddy and weekly guest, HOF QB for the Buffalo Bills Jim Kelly called in this Christmas eve to give us his thoughts on the last win the Bills had over the Broncos in which they clinched the AFC East for the first time since Jim did with the team in 1995! We asked him about Josh Allen as well. Then, he wished us all a Merry Christmas and prayers for the new year and even laid out how the Kelly household handles Christmas!


Jim Kelly stopped on for his weekly show with us to tell us about his test he went for in order to attend the limited capacity Bills Wild Card game versus the Colts on Saturday. We asked him about the trading cards Rob found in his basement with him on the front. He told us some cool stories about his own playing cards and even dished on some fun Bills news recently gone viral.


As always on Thursday mornings, former Bills QB and Hall of Famer Jim Kelly joined us for his weekly show to breakdown his thoughts on the Bills, the NFL, life and his career in the league. This week he helped us get hyped for the Ravens coming to town for the Bills division matchup at home. He was as excited as we all are and he told us some ways he feels the team is on a great track and as together as they’ll ever be!


Jim Kelly, former Bills QB and Hall of Famer joined us for his weekly Thursday spot in which we broke down the matchup alittle bit for Sunday night and also had a chance to ask him about his experience in the last AFC Championship game the Bills were in; coincidentally 27 years ago, versus the Chiefs!

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