AUDIO/PHOTOS: Robs Mancave, 1992 Football Card Pack on MB!

Chris Bandura from Dave and Adams, sports merchandise/collectibles, gave us a ring later in the show to talk about something Rob found during his COVID cleanout: a pack of NFL cards from 1992 with Jim Kelly on the front! Not only did we want Chris to have fun and ‘valuate’ the card pack for us, but we wanted to know more about the hobby/investments involved in the card and collectible industry. He gave us all of that and even let Robs hopes down because of his low ‘valuation’ of the cards!




Rob recently worked on his barn at his house in Cassadaga to build a loft for him to turn into a ‘man cave’. We called it his ‘rehab’ and we even revealed pictures on social media/critiqued him on air! Chris Naugle from ‘Risky Builders’ on HGTV, a home improvement show on the ‘home improvement’ channel called the show as he is a native of Buffalo and wanted to let us know what he thought about Robs rehab!






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