AUDIO/LINK: MB Talks Sabres New Retro Jersey & A Potential ‘Sabres Mafia’!?

The Buffalo Sabres, along with the rest of the NHL franchises released the 2020-21 edition ‘Reverse Retro Jerseys’ yesterday in full force, from head to toe and we wanted your thoughts and opinions on it. We all had some ideas and thoughts about what it looks like, whether we like it or not and then asked YOU as well.



Along with the jerseys, we got off on a topic about why the Sabres dont have the same type of ‘group’ or ‘club’ similar to that of ‘Bills Mafia’? What would be the name of it, how would it function and could it be as big as Bills Mafia has gotten? We would need the help of Del Reid, 26 Shirts and Bills Mafia…so we’ll see. But in the meantime we asked what it should be called!?


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