AUDIO/VIDEO: Morning Bull Remembers Alex Trebek & Answers Buffalo Jeopardy Questions!

Over the weekend we heard some sobering and sad news regarding the passing of TV legend and longtime host of Jeopardy Alex Trebek. We had a chance to reminisce about some of our favorite memories and legendary moments from the host, as well as his impact on the TV genre and our culture, society. He will be missed.


John Disciullo is the host of ‘Bragging Rights’ on WBBZ-TV here in Buffalo and has worked on several local outlets such as WIVB and WKBW in which he spent time with & dined with Alex Trebek in his travels to Buffalo. He had some great memories and stories to share with us and YOU and we felt like it really helped to bring some closure to this weekends news and preserve Alex’s legacy; especially in Buffalo.


Ed Cardoni is a local Buffalo man who, in 2015, competed on ‘Jeopardy!’, hosted by none other than the recently-late Alex Trebek. Ed called to tell us some of his memories of his time recording the episode he appeared in, as well as his best recollections of Alex and the type of person he was on and, especially, off screen. He had nothing but great things to say, as we expected and his stories were really interesting for Trebek and ‘Jeopardy!’ fanatics.



With the sad passing of Alex Trebek ealry this past weekend, we discussed Alex Trebek replacements for ‘Jeopardy!’ host moving forward, given that there will be more shows. Along with that, we took calls and texts from YOU on ideas of who could be the new host and how it may work out.





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