AUDIO/GALLERY: Morning Bull LIVE From the National Comedy Center!

LIVE from Jamestown, at the National Comedy Center, Morning Bull was up and at em extra early on I Love Lucy Day!! Bull, Rob and Chris took the journey out, about 90 minutes, to the national ‘monument’ and museum dedicated to the greatest comedic works, people and comedy as a whole, and it was so much fun, we stayed the night and broadcasted from there. Throughout the morning, we talked about everything we saw, did some stuff live and interactive and played a contest with you for a chance to have the exact same trip as us!


  • Hannah Hoffman joined us from the beautiful Chautauqua Harbor Hotel in Jamestown; the one Bull, Rob and Chris stayed at for the show night!

Here is a picture of the hotel room the guys stayed in last night:

  • Gary Hahn, Director of the National Comedy Center also stopped by on the phone, after he let us in the front door this morning!
  • Jim Kelly Made his weekly appearance to talk the Bills loss to the Titans in Tennessee. He had some encouraging words about the game and how they Bills can bounce back quickly. He also helped us preview the Chiefs coming to Buffalo on Monday afternoon/evening!
  • Journey Gundarson, Executive Director of the National Comedy Center joined us late in the show to give us a few more details about the Comedy Center and continue their incredible hospitality!


  • Joining us from her home, the daughter of legendary comedian George Carlin, Kelly Carlin joined us as we were LIVE from the National Comedy Center. She told us some great stories about her dad and what he was like on the road and at home; how she got involved with the Comedy Center and her generous donations of Georges personal and professional items we all are able to enjoy and now, commemorate it!


  • We also had a chance to speak with Keith Thibodeaux, who played Little Ricky on I Love Lucy and starred in the show for the remainder of the series after he was introduced. With it being his TV-Mom’s ‘Day’ in Jamestown, we spoke with him about his memories of working with her and Desi and much much more!


  • Bull, Rob and Chris went through the NCC last night and today and recorded some of their own interactive experience:
    • 1- Bull did Chris Rock stand up!


  • 2- Bull and Chris did the SNL ‘Shweddy Balls’ scene!




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