AUDIO: JY from Styx on Morning Bull

Styx have released a new conceptual lyric video for their song “These Are The Times” to celebrate first responders.

The album was originally released in 2003 and has not been available digitally until now. The new lyric video pays tribute to the men and woman on the frontline of the Covid-19 pandemic.

James “JY” Young, who sings lead on the track, said, “It’s amazing how a song that was created in a certain timeframe, can fit into another timeframe 17 years later and that is the case with ‘These Are The Times.’

“It’s even more amazing how this song encompasses the current world situation, and that it can fit into a song so beautifully. It’s a fascinating thing. The video was created by my best friend Steve Jones, who is so incredibly talented and I’m blown away with what he came up with.

“Styx fans and the world at large, take a breath, this too shall pass, and it’s the music that will carry us through. AMEN!”


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