AUDIO/VIDEO: Bills Football Is BACK: Vic Carucci Show, Pinot & Elivs & Bills Mafia Won a Billboard!

BILLS FOOTBALL and the NFL are BACK! We kicked off Fridays Morning Bull with some great Bills stuff. Heading into week 1 in the NFL this weekend, the Bills prepare to take on the Jets at home–but its fanless. How does this make you/us feel?

With that, we wanted to find out how everyone was coping with the lack of Bills Mafia near the stadium and in it, what they were doing instead and even enlisted the help of some famous Bills fans and Vic Carucci to lay it down!

Vic Carucci from the Buffalo News, also known as ‘the Commish’, has nearly 40 years of covering NFL under his belt and he joins us every week for the Vic Carucci Show on Fridays! He talked the fanless games for the Bills in the near future, the Chiefs/Texans outcome lastnight and how he thinks that game reflects the Bills and what they can do this year.


The infamous food experimentor Pinto Ron joined us late in the show, along with ‘Bills Elvis’, to discuss what their plans are for tailgating and partying this weekend in leiu of NO TAILGATING. How is this affecting them and how will this change their approach and other die-hard fans preparations for Sunday versus the Jets!



Bills fans, better known as Bills Mafia, won a Fox Sports poll that claimed they are the ‘best fans in the NFL’. Along with this award, Bills fans will receive a billboard of their choice, in the city of their choice! Obviously there are some limitations and restrictions but we discussed where it should go and why; and you sent in your ideas as well!


ONLY AVAILABLE on the Morning Bull Podcast!

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