AUDIO/PHOTOS: ‘Buffal-Obit’ Leads To Butler Lifestyle Discussion, Fascinating Interviews!

There was a really interesting and ‘connected person’ in a Buffal-Obit that we found and had to share. His name, Angel Canedo; & we asked for your help to find some of the family members and flesh out more details of this incredible story and mans life. You delivered.

(PHOTO: Courtesy of Buffalo News, Obituaries)


Eric Vosbergh is the son of the ‘President Butler’ we read about in a Buffal-Obit on Monday. He gave us a ring after we discussed his fathers incredible story laid out in his obituary and he connected some of the dots for us as to how his dad led such a crazy life journey. We heard about how he also camel-backed thru the Sahara desert on patrol and moved all over the world before ending up in the US all the way from Madrid.


Off of Mr. Canedo’s journey as a butler, we found a local butler of high class! Joining us from Butler House at Cherry Creek Inn, Head Butler MK called in to talk the history of butlering, the proper way to do the job and some crazy stories of incredible things and tips his journey and others have experienced.

MK – Head Butler from Butler House At Cherry Creek Inn:

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