Morning Bull’s “Bored Board”

Play along with your friends and family with our completed Bored Board!

CLICK HERE to view or print the full size version of the board!


Fill out the squares with names from your party goers, and when a score changes, revert to the table of tasks below:

***This is supposed to be fun.  Please perform any and all of these tasks at your own risk.

1, 26)  Go outside and make a snow angel

2, 27)  Sit in the bathroom until the next score change

3, 28)  Play butt bongo

4, 29)  Do a body shot

5, 30)  Lean over counter and yell spank me

6, 31)  Sing a Journey song

7, 32)  Make your partner’s “love face”

8, 33)   Quack like a duck

9, 34)   Eat olives off your host’s fingers

10, 35) Do an armpit fart

11, 36)  Hang a spoon on your nose

12, 37)  Motor boat a dude’s manboobs

13, 38)  Change the TV channel

14, 39) Bark like a seal and catch treats

15, 40) Finish someone else’s drink

16, 41) Change an article of clothing with someone

17, 42) Lick the host’s foot

18, 43) Point to the person you would have a fling with

19, 44) Order a pizza to a neighbor

20, 45) Kiss the person to your left

21, 46) Give a chip dip “wet willie” to the person on your right

22, 47) Act as an foot ottoman

23, 48) Sing a Ric Astley song for 60 seconds

24, 49) Yell “I Love Tom Brady!” for all to hear

25, 50) Wait on everyone until the next score change​


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