AUDIO: CM Punk is back on Morning Bull!


You know Phil “CM Punk” Brooks from his days in the WWE ring.  He remains the record holder for the longest consecutive reign as WWE Heavyweight Champion, 434 days, spanning from 2011 to 2013, despite having left the promotion years ago.


He’s back in front of the camera, starring in the new horror On-Demand release “Girl on the 3rd Floor”, available now.

It was shot in an actual haunted house, a site where two people reportedly died in the same third floor bedroom, years apart.


Perfectly timed for Halloween, Morning Bull caught up with CM Punk on the heels of its release.


Since his character is renovating the home in the movie, they inevitably asked him about his favorite HGTV shows and personalities, something he’s more familiar with than you might think.


Will CM Punk ever step foot inside the squared circle again?  Click on the podcast to find out!

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