Winners: Show Us You Have Heart

We wanted to see you show us you have Heart- a photo of you with anything from Heart or Joan Jett & Black Hearts (ticket stub, t-shirt, album cover, etc,) to win tickets to see Heart with Joan Jett & The Blackhearts on July 26th at Darien Lake.

Ed Fink

Sheila Gigante

Diane Helinski

Tammy Ervolina-Kroll

Lee Cowan

Aaron Earsing

Mark in South Buffalo

Sam Sciolino

Jennifer Russe

Paul Dalle

A.J. Morano

Dwayne Gigante

Wayne Weeks

John Klein

Tim Ebert

Kelly Liszewsk

Judy Pajak

Denise Helinski

Bill Salvia

“We have heart”

“This is my photo to show I have heart 💓 I love my girl.”

Click HERE for rules.


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