AUDIO: Podcast Exclusive with Comedian Steve Byrne

A great friend of the Morning Bull show is former “Sullivan and Son” star Steve Byrne.

The veteran road comic’s headlined Helium Comedy Club for years, and has numerous Netflix and Comedy Central specials.

His latest work is a passion project; a documentary about the life of one of the most intense alternative comics in the game, “The Amazing Jonathon”.

“ALWAYS AMAZING: The True Story of the Life, Death, and Return of Amazing Johnathan” is about the life and work of magician/comic Jonathon Szeles, a revered comedian diagnosed with a life threatening heart condition that prematurely ended his career.

Despite a dark prognosis, Jonathon’s still kicking.  His career is in revival, and he’s performing in select dates on the road to this day.

Steve felt a great honor to tell the inspirational story, and talks about the highlights of his documentary in this Morning Bull Podcast exclusive interview.

Check out the entire documentary, for free, in the YouTube video below:

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