AUDIO: Rob Ray

Joining another former Sabres great at this weekend’s Greatest 80’s Party is former enforcer turned broadcaster Rob Ray.


Rob’s coming off yet another disappointing season between the benches for Buffalo, as the Sabres fired Phil Housley amidst their 8th consecutive non-playoff season.


What does Rayzor think the Sabres should look for in a new coach?


He elaborated on that Tuesday morning, “I think you need somebody to come in that is well respected within the hockey world.  I think somebody coming in that had to earn that respect, is too hard.  I think they need to be leaned on a little bit.  They’re young guys.  You push them, you be their buddy, but still, you have to push them hard enough and make sure that they have that respect for you.  That comes down to somebody that has maybe not won one, but somebody that’s had success, that’s been around, but just his presence, when he comes in the room, ‘hey it’s my show here, you guys just shut up and listen and do what you’re told.’ Nothing for nothing, it doesn’t hurt once in a while to call guys out.”


For more on the Sabres’ coaching search, and what we can expect Rob to wear Saturday night at the 80’s party, click on the audio below!

CLICK HERE TO STREAM Rob’s interview!

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