PHOTOS: Your 80’s Car

In honor of the 2019 Buffalo Auto Show, we asked you to show us your 80’s car for a chance to win VIP Auto Show tickets.

Congratulations to the following VIP ticket winners: Kip Palmateer, Jeromy Johnson, Ryan Shevlin and Raymend Harenza.

And congratulations to our grand prize winner, Ann Stimm, who scored VIP Auto Show tickets and VIP tickets to Buffalo’s Greatest 80’s Party.


Kip and Michael Palmateer

This 1981 Z28. My son and I took this same car to our respective proms 30 years apart.

Jeromy Johnson 

This is my 84 trans am. Love going to car shows with my kids. 😁

Ryan Shevlin

I think these are the only pictures I have of myself with my ’89 Van – this was at a closed campground, we weren’t driving like that on a public road…!

Raymend Harenza

Ann Stimm

Here’s a photo of our kids checking out our 1981 Ford Fairmont!  Would love to check out the Auto Show in Grand Style!


I got my powder blue Chevy “shove it” (Chevette) for my graduation gift. I’m wearing my matching senior prom dress! 😄 Carol

Greg Kuras

My 1988 Pontiac Fiero GT

Gary Kolarich

Alex Post

Kevin Barnas

Here is my  1st car in high school  but also my “winter“ car for the snowy months!

Guy Menard


Here is my 81 Malibu



I have to date still in good condition 1988 cavalier z24 convertible

Jenn Biddle

My 1980 Mustang. Owned it for about a year and a half, then the motor blew. It always stalled when I went in reverse! LoL. I also owned an 88′ Chevy Van that I took across the country to California back in 2005.


1987 Monte Carlo LS winter beater currently. 97,000 miles. 305 engine.

Michael Wright

Then an 89 dodge Daytona turbo. Super fast for a crappy 4 cylinder


1986 ford bronco. Cap on the back leaked so there was no carpet back there just metal. It was an old mud truck, so the rear differential was welded together so the back wheels didn’t turn and made the tires skip going around a corner.

There were plenty of cool cars in the 80s too. Had my 83 RX7 for years. My brother loved it. Gave it to him as a gift. Moved up to a Z4. Old cars are still awesome.


1989 Chevy Astro Van My everyday driver. 300 more miles and it will turn 200k

Had a1980 Datsun 280z in 1986. that was carpeted because of all the rust. When it rained it weight another 500lbs

Bill Purdy

My sister’s first car after graduation my mom still remembers buying it


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