AUDIO: Blues Traveler’s John Popper & Chan Kinchla

This was, admittedly, a strange one.  Typically Morning Bull will record interviews with guests after the show, and if it’s good, they’ll use it.  Due to some scheduling gaffs, John Popper and Chan Kinchla had to move their time to early afternoon, typically too late for some of the morning crew to stick around.


So Bull and Steve decided to chat with the pair of Blues Traveler’s members about their newest album coming out this week.  That was what they were promoting at least.


Things took a goofy turn, and 13 minutes later, we’re still not entirely sure what the newest Blues Traveler album is.  This was a lot of fun, despite the weirdness, so if you’re looking for a good laugh, click on the interview below.


Can’t see the audio player?  CLICK HERE to stream Bull and Steve’s convo with Blues Traveler!

John Popper & Chan Kinchla from Blues Traveler

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