Morning Bull’s “Most Shocking Moments in Buffalo Music History”

Morning Bull remembered infamous happenings in Buffalo music history.  From a murder on Hertel Avenue during an Allman Brothers concert, to a fan falling onto another fan at a Pink Floyd show, to an M80 whipped at Robert Plant’s face, there’s a lot of shocking material to cover.

Check out the highlights of their coverage, with all of their interviews with the experts:


Dan Herbeck talks Allman Bros Buffalo murder

Dan Herbeck of the Buffalo News remembers when the Allman Brothers’ roadie stabbed a Buffalo club owner to death on an infamous May night in 1970.


Bruce Mosher talks U2's 1st concert in Buffalo

Local promoter Bruce Mosher brought U2 to Buffalo in December of 1980, playing for a sparse crowd at Stage One the night that John Lennon was gunned down in NYC.


Brian Dickman of Harvey and Corky

“Harvey and Corky” productions booked a lot of concerts back in the day.  Brian shares lots of memories here, from the time they rescued a woman stuck in a vent at the Aud, to when U2 almost brought the Shea’s balcony down.


JP remembers Pink Floyd, Who concerts

“The Professor” JP was in attendance for two of Buffalo’s most memorable classic rock concerts.  


First, he shares his memories of the “Quadrophonic” Pink Floyd show at the old Aud, when suddenly a fan fell from the nosebleeds onto a group of fans below him.  


In the second segment, JP shares the story of when The Who played Buffalo literally the night after 11 fans died in Cincinnati in an infamous festival seating disaster.  


Jim Brennan shares Grateful Dead stories

Jim Brennan of the Buffalo News used to cover live concerts back in the day too, and shares his memories of the time he took the Grateful Dead out to lunch before a concert here.

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