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DCE Polymer

 Do you have a garage floor that is pitting, cracked or spalding? DCE Polymer are the concrete coating experts in WNY. They can restore ANY floor. They offer a full 5 layer chip system that has two moisture vapors and two top coats that are 100% breathable.

There is a chem seal coat that protects your chip floor against salt damage or freezing weather. Concrete in Buffalo is constantly expanding and contracting due to hot and cold weather conditions. DCE Polymer’s epoxy wickering technology dries as a hard rubber so their material actually moves with the contour of your concrete!

They use commercial grade, industrial strength epoxy to guarantee a lifetime warranty! DCE Polymer keeps your concrete happy and healthy to give you the longevity you want in an epoxy chip coating. DCE Polymer – they can restore any concrete floor! 

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The Gutter People of WNY

For thirty years The Gutter People of WNY offer quality work at competitive prices!

In business since 1978, The Gutter People of WNY, Inc. is a full-scale construction company. With crews in gutters, Gutter Helmet, roofing, siding, carpentry, trim insulation and windows; we can meet all of your home improvement needs whether it’s a minor repair, major remodeling or light commercial work.

We understand that the contracting industry is known for fly-by-night operations, uninsured companies, and less than satisfactory products. We’ve been around for thirty years, are fully insured and have a product that’s backed by multi-million dollar company that started right here in Buffalo, NY.

The Better Business Bureau has determined our company meets BBB Accreditation Standards. BBB accreditation is by invitation only; many companies have been turned down because they do not meet the standard of conduct necessary for the BBB seal of approval. As a standing member, your experience with us will always be a pleasant one.Click on the BBB logo to view our report.

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