ENTER TO WIN: Rush “Clockwork Angels Tour” vinyl box set

Enter to win of the new Rush five LP set, “Clockwork Angeles Tour,” on 180 gram, courtesy of Rhino Records.

Clockwork Angels Tour

When Rush released CLOCKWORK ANGELS, the album that would prove to be their final studio LP, they definitely went out on a high from a chart standpoint: it debuted at #1 in Canada, and while it only debuted at #2 in America, the fact that it did so meant that it was tied with MOVING PICTURES as the highest-ranking debut of their career. Unsurprisingly, the band’s tour behind the album was also a smash success, resulting in a live album bearing the thoroughly-appropriate title of CLOCKWORK ANGELS TOUR. At the time, the album was only released digitally and on CD, but as of today, it’s finally available on vinyl, so if you were awakened at midnight by the sound of cheering, well, give the Rush fans a break: they’ve been waiting a long time for this.

CLOCKWORK ANGELS TOUR is a 5-LP set, with each LP pressed on 180-gram vinyl (the flip side of the final LP features an etching), and the set is packaged in a two-piece telescope box with a full-color booklet and – for those of you who’ve been holding off buying this thing ever since 2013 – a download code for a high-definition digital version of the album.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, the vinyl set also features the bonus tracks from the original release, including a version of the classic “Limelight” that the band recorded during soundcheck.

Here’s the full track listing:

Side A
1.    “Subdivisions”
2.    “The Big Money”
3.    “Force Ten”
4.    “Grand Designs”

Side B
1.    “The Body Electric”
2.    “Territories”
3.    “The Analog Kid”
4.    “Bravado”

Side C
1.    “Where’s My Thing? / Here It Is!” (Drum Solo)
2.    “Far Cry”
3.    “Caravan” *

Side D
1.    “Clockwork Angels” *
2.    “The Anarchist” *
3.    “Carnies” *

Side E
1.    “The Wreckers”
2.    “Headlong Flight” */ “Drumbastica” (Drum Solo)
3.    “Peke’s Repose” (Guitar Solo) / “Halo Effect” *

Side F
1.    “Seven Cities Of Gold” *
2.    “Wish Them Well” *
3.    “The Garden” *

Side G
1.    “Dreamline” *
2.    “The Percussor”
I.    Binary Love Theme
II.    Steambanger’s Ball (Drum Solo)
3.    “Red Sector A” *
4.    “YYZ” *

Side H
1.    “The Spirit Of Radio”
2.    “Tom Sawyer”
3.    “2112”

Side I
1.    “Limelight”
2.    “Middletown Dreams”
3.    “The Pass”
4.    “Manhattan Project”*

*With the Clockwork Angels String Ensemble


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