AUDIO: Mark Karwan, PhD is helping build NFL schedules

How’d you like to actually make a difference in your favorite NFL team’s yearly schedule?


A common complaint of Bills management, and their fans, was that they consistently play opponents coming off of extra rest, including bye weeks and Thursday night games.  This was actually proved true, as part of a published study conducted by UB Engineering professor Dr. Mark Karwan and his research staff.


Seriously!  Click here to read more from the ESPN article from earlier this week.


Dr. Karwan developed an algorithm that helped to identify problematic conflicts with the NFL schedule, designed to limit or eliminate teams facing other teams on disproportionate rest.  While not all conflicts can be reduced, his staff cut unfavorable matchups by as much as 20% in 2016 alone.


Their study got the attention of the NFL’s scheduling department, and they’re now working in tandem to better study how their algorithm can apply to future NFL schedules.


Morning Bull caught up with the UB professor to have him better explain how his process works, with the Bills’ schedule freshly debuted last night.


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