AUDIO: Lee Coppola talks latest Mafia “Hit” in NYC

You couldn’t turn on the news over the last couple of days and not see the latest on this crazy story out of Staten Island, NY.


Could this be the start of a new “mob war”?  How can this murder affect any potential organized crime ties in western New York?


Morning Bull reached out to the award-winning Lee Coppola, a former Buffalo News, WKBW and WIVB investigative reporter for his expert opinion on the first high profile mob boss hit in 30 years.


The Buffalo Broadcasters Hall of Famer explains why he thinks this high profile murder doesn’t fit the profile of a mafia “hit” at all, and what could come next should a “mob war” break out in the five boroughs.


CLICK HERE to stream Lee Coppola’s interview on your phone or browser!

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