AUDIO: Bernard Kerik, former NYC Police Commish

It’s always a somber day on September 11th, and the 17th anniversary is no different.  To help remember that fateful date in U.S. history, Morning Bull talked to former NYC police commissioner Bernard Kerik Tuesday morning.


While the memories never really fade, Bernard does a good job putting what we’ve learned from September 11th into a modern contest.  He’s arguing that teaching what happened on that day to younger people is of utmost importance, as we can never forget what happened to over 3,000 innocent Americans.


Morning Bull didn’t shy away from fun with him though, as Rob asks about some balding advice from a man who pulls off the bald head confidently.  His answer may actually surprise you.


CLICK HERE to stream the audio on your phone or browser, if you can’t see the player below.

Bernard Kerik talks "The Grave Above the Grave"

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