AUDIO: Steve Tripi with Finn Jones of “Iron Fist”, “Game of Thrones”

Morning Bull producer and 97 Rock’s resident geek Steve Tripi was way too excited for the chance to interview Finn Jones, the star of Marvel Netflix’s “Iron Fist”, as well as a series regular on HBO’s “Game of Thrones” for 6 seasons.


Since the rest of the crew aren’t as familiar with the source material, Morning Bull decided to let Steve geek out on his own with this one.  Finn’s promoting the brand new season of Marvel Netflix’s “Iron Fist”, as all episodes of the hit show are now streaming.

If you didn’t know, Steve’s also obsessed with Game of Thrones, so talking to an actor who’s not only a superhero, but a former knight on the biggest show on TV really got him going.  Even though you’re not gonna see Finn reprise his character on “GoT’s” final season, he had to ask about any possible insight into the show’s ending.  Finn’s answer below may surprise you.


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Finn Jones, star of "Iron Fist" and "Game of Thrones" w/Steve Tripi

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