AUDIO: Michelle Collins, host of “Search History” on PeopleTV

Ever wonder what would happen if millions of people could see everything on your phone at a moment’s notice?


Smartphones are chock-full of embarrassing stuff these days.  Sketchy photos, strange google searches, hell even dating app profiles all could be plenty cringe worthy should someone you wouldn’t want to see them have access.


That’s where PeopleTV’s “Search History” comes in.  Michelle Collins, former host of “Best Week Ever” on VH1 trolls strangers on LA streets, asking to scroll through their phones without recourse, and whatever she sees ends up fair game for all to see.  Would you be comfortable letting a stranger broadcast your phone on TV?


Michelle talks about the most surprising stuff she found on an elementary school librarians phone, and what embarrassing things you might find on her smartphone with Morning Bull below.


Can’t see the audio player below?  Click here to stream the audio on your phone or browser.

Michelle Collins talks "Search History"

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