WIN: The Harley Days of May

The Harley Days of May are back on 97 Rock.  Listen weekdays for your cue to call and be one of 97 qualifiers to win this Harley Davidson XG750 Street Rod from American Harley Davidson.


– These family of motorcycles are styled after the famous Harley Davison flat track racing bikes.  The basic mechanics of the motors are the same used on the race bikes

– Even though they are styled after race bikes, they are designed and built with the entry level rider in mind

– Giveaway bike color Charcoal Denim

– 750 cc engine, Harley Davidson’s High Output Revolution X motor.  Liquid cooled for high performance (Versus other bikes which are air cooled)

– Blacked out motor and exhaust

– Motorcycle includes inverted front end, performance tires, drag style handle bars, adjustable front and rear suspension. THIS BIKE HANDLES LIKE A DREAM.

– Tackel different road surfaces with ease due to the motorcycle’s high ground clearance and suspension

Dual throttle body and enhanced porting in cylinder heads creates high performance

– Sleek and sporty rear fender


– Harley’s Revolution X motor delivers the rider 18% more horsepower and 8% more torque

–  American Harley is the number one Harley dealer in Western New York! 1149 Erie avenue North Tonawanda.

Qualifiers so far:

  1. Joanne Cebulski of West Seneca
  2. Paul Witucki of Amherst
  3. Jenny Mackey of Hamburg
  4. Jim Sileo of West Seneca
  5. Kevin Bacon of Lynodville
  6. Al Santiago of Clarence
  7. Rick Wrotniak of Attica
  8. Rachel Mazur of Buffalo
  9. Patrick Allen of Lakewood
  10. Barry Sherer of Marilla
  11. Kurt Pearce of North Tonawanda
  12. Carl Fortster of East Amherst
  13. Brian Schmied of Buffalo
  14. Larry Osuch of North Tonawanda
  15. Floyd Mitchell of North Tonawanda
  16. Jim Duska of Holland
  17. Doug Dewysocki of Niagara Falls
  18. Bill Stedman of Little Valley
  19. Debbie Losardo of West Seneca
  20. Lisa Musielak of Lancaster
  21. Garret Grossmann
  22. Colleen Hosler of Cheektowaga
  23. Anne Polanowacki of Depew
  24. Susan May of West Seneca
  25. Ken White of Niagara Falls
  26. Kelly Starzynski of Alden
  27. Tim Hill of Alden
  28. Angelo Reesor of Depew
  29. Michael Johnson of North Tonawanda
  30. Lance Skowron of Elma
  31. Eric Bojarski of Cheektowaga
  32. Robert Johnson of North Tonawanda
  33. Craig Queeno of Buffalo
  34. William Larimer of Chakkee
  35. Penny Seneca of Steamburg
  36. Martin Florea of Buffalo
  37. Charles Falsone of North Tonawanda
  38. John Bluff of North Tonawanda
  39. Elaine Ludwig of Lancaster
  40. Jennifer Zadul of South Wales
  41. Tom Borczynski of Cheektowaga
  42. Brain Hautman of Buffalo
  43. Andy Lettieri of North Tonawanda
  44. Jim Martin of Cheektowaga
  45. Lisa Bartholomew of Clarence
  46. Kim Galbo of Elma
  47. Norman Forrest of Ellicottville
  48. Bryan Lawrence of Tonawanda
  49. Shannon Kestler of Attica
  50. Joe Scherer of Angola
  51. Brad Wrotniak of Attica
  52. David Lesinski of Buffalo
  53. Joe Haeick of Buffalo
  54. William Bateau of Sloan
  55. Lynne Townsend of Attica
  56. Fred Hawke of Buffalo
  57. Keith Wind of Hamburg
  58. Nadine Snyder of Akron
  59. Mark Stoll of Kenmore
  60. Eddie Roberson of Cassadaga
  61. Ken Benner of Middleport
  62. Tom Meyers of East Amherst
  63. Darrell Clark of South Wales
  64. Sue Tomczak of North Tonawanda
  65. Kim Diflavio of Buffalo
  66. Tony Bueme of Buffalo
  67. John Zularelli of Elma
  68. Kyle Warner of Buffalo
  69. Dave Krzeminski of North Tonawanda
  70. Nelson Brochey of North Tonawanda
  71. Rick Burg of Buffalo
  72. Monica Lettieri of North Tonawanda
  73. Matthew Grimes of Medina
  74. Bruce Allera of Niagara Falls
  75. Rita Vitaris of Buffalo
  76. Bob Kreutinger of Buffalo
  77. Mike Riley of Amherst
  78. Tina Gustas of Derby
  79. Steve Simonds of Tonawanda
  80. Edward Tulliton of West Seneca
  81. Jackie Saeli of Corfu
  82. Mary Kemp of Lockport
  83. Wendy Kiszewski of Niagara Falls
  84. David Haettich of Springville
  85. Tim Scherer of Orchard Park
  86. Teresa Corcu of Sanborn
  87. Paul Yernye of Sloan
  88. Ken Armstrong of Conewango
  89. Diana Pietrzak of Lockport
  90. Charley Nicastro of Lockport
  91. Patricia Frederick of Niagara Falls
  92. Michael Habalou of Lockport
  93. Todd Ames of Sinclairrville

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