AUDIO: Katie Daryl, host AXS TV’s “The Top 10 Revealed”

You may remember Katie Daryl from her days on MTV as a reporter on “Choose or Lose,” making her way to Dallas as a major-market FM DJ.  It’s there she met Mark Cuban, who thought she’d be the perfect host for his networks new rock countdown show, “The Top 10 Revealed.”


This show is made for 97 Rockers, featuring a season’s full of top 10 countdowns from core classic artists, including the “Top 10 Guitar Intros” promoed above.


In later weeks, you’ll see them countdown the top 80’s hair ballads, top 10 ladies of rock songs, and so on.  Lots of cool contributions from classic rockers are here too, including Steven Adler from GNR, Kenny Aronoff from John Mellencamp’s band, and so on.


Katie Daryl talks “The Top 10 Revealed” below:

Katie Daryl

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