AUDIO: Glen Macnow, of WIP in Philly

Glen Macnow, a Philly sports talk radio legend, is a western New York native, growing up with Rob’s sister as Amherst High School classmates.


In fact, Glen had the hots for Rob’s sister back in their formative years.  It didn’t work out.  But Glen’s radio career did, as he’s been a trusted voice of the fan on WIP in Philadelphia for over 20 years.


Naturally Morning Bull razzed Rob on Glen’s crush on his sister, and talked Eagles football, as they’re again taking on Tom Brady and the Patriots next week in the big game in Minnesota.


How can the Eagles pull out the hardest win in team history?  Glen thinks the game could go their way if a few things land right.  Click on Morning Bull’s fun chat with Glen Macnow below:

Glen Macnow talks Eagles in big game

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