AUDIO: Comedian Gary Gulman in studio

You know Gary’s work from “Last Comic Standing,” “Tourgasm” on HBO, and a handful of Netflix specials.  He’s back in Buffalo for another great weekend of headlining shows at Helium Comedy Club, so naturally Morning Bull was excited to have the stand up veteran back in their studios.

You may not have heard, however, that KFC just concocted actual cocktails featuring their trademark gravy.  Yes, this is a real thing.  Since we’re all fans of the fattening side dish, Christine whipped up the KFC “Gravy Mary,” a sort of gravy infused Bloody Mary, for the crew to sample, with Gary in studio.

Check out our reactions in the Facebook Live video below:


And be sure to catch Gary Gulman back at Helium Comedy Club this weekend!



Gary Gulman in studio segment 1

Gary Gulman in studio segment 2

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