Salute the Veteran in your life

Veterans Day 2017

Joseph LoCurto: Military Police Sergeant E5 April 2001-Aug 2011 Two tours in Iraq Mar 03 to April 04 Korea 05 to 06 Mar 08 to July 09.

Danny StaatsDad served willingly in Vietnam. His tank went over land mine and Mom received telegram stating he was dead because his dog tags landed next to a buddy who didn’t make it. He was able to call her a few days later to let her know he was alive. Honorable discharge. Purple Heart! Thank you to all Vets.  Airrica Uhteg

Jody Murphy: My Dad, Jody Murphy, served in the European Theatre, the Mediterranean, African and Middle East Theatre and the Pacific Theatre in World War 2. He was special forces, UDT (underwater demolition team), frogman. They call them navy seals now. I thank him and all our veterans for my freedom.

Art Christy: I am a proud Vietnam veteran who humbly served from 1972-1976. I served in South Korea in the fighter wing at Kunsan air base, Kwang-ju air base and McGuire air base in New Jersey. My dad served in the marines during ww 2 along with all of my uncles. Let us not ever forget our veterans who served!  Kath Mills

Sgt. John C. Stanton: My father, a WW2 vet in the US Army, who operated a 55mm anti tank cannon in France from 1943-1945, was also awarded the Bronze star for heroism above & beyond the call of duty. He quit Syracuse University in his freshman year to join the army to defend our freedom. A true American! thanks! Greg Stanton

Christopher WardenCurrently a Commander in the Navy, Chris is serving in Japan. Chris earned the Presidential nomination to the Naval Academy. After graduation, he has served on several bases – Florida and Hawaii to name two. Chris had been exposed to military life since birth as his dad was also career Navy. Mari Felschow

Timothy GregoryMy father was 27 years in the navy and navy reserves. Served on nuclear submarines during cold war and various other ships during reserve duties. Michael Gregory

Ron Haak and Jim Haak: I am a proud U.S. Army Veteran, but I wanted to nominate my father Ron and my Uncle Jim. Ron served in the Army 61-63 in Ft Knox in Artillery. Jim served as a Flight Mechanic in the Air Force in Da Nang, Vietnam 66-68. I am very proud of both of them & thank God that both answered the call to serve! Doug Haak

Dick Ludwig: .26 yr army vet. Combat disabled. Served from 1980 to 2006 to include service in Iraq, Kwuait. Somalia and Korea

Ernie GarciaI served in the Marine Corps during the Viet Nam era and very proud of my two sons and my stepson who served in the Marine Corps during Iraqi Freedom. God bless all veterans.

Peter Gembala19 years in Army National Guard. Served During Dessert Storm in Germany. Two tours in Iraq. Retired from Guard in 2014. Works for Army Corp of Engineers.

John D. RussinI’m a bit a Vietnam Era Vet, spent 4 years on a destroyer (DD883),so I did my time. Glad I did,some of the wildest time of my life,and let me tell you it’s been a wild ride so far but I’m a survivor.

Thomas ZakMy Veteran is my husband Tom, who served in Vietnam and in the National Guard. He gave many years of service and a great patriot. My children both followed in Navy military, son Bill went into the Seabees while his older sister went into the Navy and retired after 20 years of service. Thanks, Tom. Sall Zak

V. Barry: I come from a long line of military family, my grandfather who served in the army and my uncle who at the age of 15 yrs old, ran away to join the navy to fight in WWII, my father who is a Korean vet , my brother is a Vietnam Vet in the army and your 97 rock listener served in the air force. The Barry Family

Michael Gnasinski: I would like to give a shout out to my cousin, who told me he was going to go in the Navy for 4 years and get out and raise a family. He is now in his 26 the year and he is a lieutenant commander. Very proud of the man you become. His name is Lieutenant Commander Michael Gnasinski. Bobby Jans

Vince CanosaMy Uncle Vince served in the US Army for 30 years, retiring in 2005. A father, husband, community volunteer. He has worked with the Boys and Girls Club of Niagara Falls, helping underpriviledged kids. He loves family, country, and rock n roll. Chris Burke

Joseph Lagotta: Went to Vietnam at 17 years old and took the roll of a brother, father, best friend. I was just a kid when he left me and mom and my siblings, and he always made us proud.  He became a Buffalo firefighter.  Joey was a good man and a helper.  He just passed on September 26 2017 RIP my brother. Nicolette Lagattuta

Rocco CassavitoMy Uncle Rocco served in the army during WWII. He was stationed in Germany and saw action in Germany and France. He has told me many stories about combat with the Germans. I am proud of him and thank him for his service. Uncle Rocco is 93 years old. Carmen Cassavito

Grys BoysThe vets are the three grys men,starts with my Brother who’s name is John ,he ,is the father of Johnathon, who has been in the military for 8years ,and now his other son,Corey, just joined the Army also and just graduated boot camp,they are all from West Seneca.  Joe

Sidney JonathonI remember my uncle graduating from Akron Central Late 80’s and going into the USMC. He went in for a couple wars and made it back home. Now, my last memory of him is burying him on my birthday last year on fathers day. I Love and Miss him dearly! Never Forgotten.. R.I.P.  Seneca Star Jonathon

Clint DeemerMy brother Clint was in the Navy. He retired from the Navy a few years ago and lives in Pennsylvania. He was a Chief Petty Officer when he left the service. Vicky Thompson

Nicholas KraatzMy son, Nicholas Kraatz, a Marine Corps veteran, is a single father working full time after graduating from college. He was in Baghdad before the country knew there was a war, 2002. He is our hero.  Anna Kratz

Alex and Nathan HarrerAlex served in the air force from 2006-12 in Hawaii and Colorado and Nathan served in the Army from 2011-16 and was in South Korea,Afganastan and Ft. Hood Tx.  Bill Harrer

Peter CoppolaServed in Vietnam for almost 2 yrs. During his combat service, contracted a serious bacterial infection (developed in to skin cancer later in life), was exposed to agent orange (which is currently causing some medical problems) and was shot during enemy fire. Honorable discharge with Purple Heart. Rob Coppola

Leonard SzramaMy dad served in the Marines during the Korean War. He never talked much about his time overseas. All I do know is that me and my three siblings have a great love of country because of him. You may not choose to speak of him but he will always be a my #1 veteran.  Marge Delano

John McMahonI am very proud of my father’s service during WWII. He received many medals from both the US and foreign governments. He was 18 when he was was drafted. He earned a BSME degree from UB using the GI bill to help with expenses. I am proud to not only call him dad but one of my friends/mentors!  Rick McMahon

Robert J. Plant and Thomas TomaszewskiMy Dad was in World War ll and Korea. My Friend Thomas Tomaszewski was in the Army and went to Vietnam I was in the Navy We went in the same time I came home He did not I will forever remember and thank them and all the Veterans for there Service sorry for rambling on Wayne Plant.  Wayne Plant

Jordan GelnettMy Son recently reenlisted for four more years Active Duty Air Force after completing 8 yrs he’s 26 yr stationed home base at Hulburt Air Base , Fl . He Served more than 6 tours of duty every four months in Afghanistan as aircrew member on a C130 spectra . He is a graduate of Wilson NY high school.  Kenneth Gelnett

Charlie MatthewsNavy, electronics technician, Gulf War veteran. Stills serves his community daily as the lead CT technician at Sister’s Hospital  Sabina Missana

Ken TomkinsonI’m a US Navy Vet, 1 and done, My brother Mike is a US Navy vet, 8yrs submarine service full disability after accident at sea. My brother Jeff is a NY Army Nat’l Guard vet But my brother Ken did 34 yrs, 82nd AB, Sniper qual, 10th Mtn Div, special forces and many combat tours, he’s now retired. Dan Tomkinson

William L. PetzThis is a special tribute to my husband William Petz who is a Marine. He served in Viet Nam back in 1966. He gave of himself for our freedom! His unending valor to save others will always be a tribute to him. Thank you to my husband for his sacrifices!!  Judi Petz

Roger WeissRoger and I are childhood friends. We lived on the same street. He was older than me and best friend s with my 2 brother s. I always thought of Roger as my other brother. Roger went to Vietnam and I remember writing letters to him. I have deep respect for the Vietnam veterans. Give Roger a salute!  Patricia Lemmo

James Jefferson ScultzThis is my fiancé, Sgt. James Jefferson Schultz, 2010 at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait.he was w/the 304th Trans Co out of Springfield, MA.that was his 3rd tour in Iraq w/ US Army. I am sooo very proud (2 Bronze Stars) to be with such a wonderful man who has given a lot (physically, mentally (PTSD). Thank you.  Dawn Lopa

Jeremy Lepsch: US Marine Lance Corporal Iraq War Veteran On April 7, 2008, Lance Corporal Jeremy Lepsch saved my life as I was involved in a traumatic motorcycle accident on Niagara Falls Boulevard in Amherst. Jeremy saved my life by tieing a tourniquet to my leg and as a result I gained a lifelong friend.  Jeffery S. Wojcik

John P. KellerMy brother John served in the Army & fought in the Vietnam war..did 2 tours there. As a matter of fact, it was 50 years ago on October 12th that he left for the war. As you well know …many who fought there didn’t make it back home. To do it twice, is nothing short of God’s grace and guidance!  Paul Hardman

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